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Brendan Gleeson Fans

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This is a community for fans of Brendan Gleeson, the wonderful Irish actor and star of such films as Braveheart, I Went Down, The General, last year's Cold Mountain, and 28 Days Later.

Brendan is currently starring in the films Troy and the upcoming The Village, an M. Night Shyamalan picture.

Hopefully with all the notice he's getting, more fans will pop up around LiveJournal, so that's why this place exists. Feel free to post your news, pictures, and Gleeson fan stuff here. I don't like to impose many "rules" but some general guidelines to follow are to be polite, don't flame, and don't spread rumors or gossip. That's about it, and it's just common sense.

If anybody has any questions or comments, feel free to email the moderator, which is me, electrablue - a new but ardent fan.

Thanks and happy posting!

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